Introduction of annual reporting 2022

2022 was a year of uncertainty for the cultural and creative sector. In the latest edition of the Culture Monitor, the Boekman Foundation provides an overview and analysis of the most important developments that play a role in this. Cultural locations opened again from January. Visitor figures recovered, but still lagged behind the situation before corona. The uncertainty about the recovery was also joined by new uncertainties during the year, such as the energy crisis and historically high inflation.

Author: Jan Jaap Knol

In this Annual report we bundle the analyzes that we wrote and updated in 2022. This second edition of the Culture Monitor once again offers a comprehensive picture of developments in the cultural life of the Netherlands.

This year we mainly paid attention to overarching aspects themes in the cultural sector:  professional practice, participation, culture in the region, digital transformation, sustainability and the broad subject of diversity, equality and inclusion. New analyzes have been written for all these themes.

The update of the analyzes of the domains – from heritage to performing arts – is this time limited to updating with new data and – of course – adding associated new insights and developments.

Throughout the year, we will continue to update the analyzes of the themes and domains presented here, so that users can find and consult the most current data. The texts of all domains will also be updated for the next edition (2023).

The theme and domain chapters in this one Annual report are preceded by two overarching chapters. Under the title Culture in 2022 we first consider the ongoing impact of corona on the cultural sector in combination with the new problems mentioned.

As a knowledge center for art, culture and policy, we realize that current datasets often reflect the institutionalized part of cultural life. In the chapter Culture and knowledge We therefore ask the question how we can do more justice to a contemporary dynamic concept of culture and the full breadth of cultural practices within it in the Culture Monitor - but also through other and new forms of research and through the programming of the Boekman Foundation. We will continue to seek and use the answers to that question in conversations and in other ways in the coming year in the ongoing work on the Culture Monitor, so that the instrument provides an increasingly better picture of the full breadth of cultural practice.

Illustration: Fadi Nadrous