Annual report

De Annual report provides an annual overview of the most important topics and developments in the cultural sector. Each Annual report consists of one or more articles that look at the sector from an overarching perspective, as well as the most recent versions of all domain and theme pages. The Annual report This also forms the archive of the Cultuurmonitor.

Illustration: Fadi Nadrous

Annual report 2022

The Culture Monitor has a biennial update cycle, with one year focusing on the theme pages and the other year on the domain pages. In 2022, the theme pages were central: a completely new analysis was written for the existing pages, and Culture in the region and Digital transformation were added as new themes. In addition, the domain pages have been updated several times during the year.

Introduction and overarching chapters



De Annual report 2022 is also as PDF to read and download.


De Annual report 2022 of the Culture Monitor was presented on January 31, 2023 in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. In the first part of the afternoon, the researchers behind the Culture Monitor presented the most important insights and the inspiring words of writer Munganyende Hélène Christelle took the audience to different worlds. In the second half of the program, Studio Monnik guided a collective imagination exercise: what will the cultural sector look like in 2053? The first part of the program is here to look back.

Annual report 2021


De Annual report 2021 is as PDF to read and download.


De Annual report 2021 of the Culture Monitor was presented on December 14, 2021 during a livestream from Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht. A presentation of the most important results was followed by two panel discussions. In the first conversation, Jolanda Spoel, Sjoerd Feitsma and Viktorien van Hulst spoke about losses, shifts and opportunities as a result of the corona crisis. In the second conversation, Derk de Geus, Janice Deul and Trilce Navarette discussed the role of the cultural and creative industry in the major social challenges of our time. The presentation is online to look back.